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NEW:  "Yes.  It flies!"

The God of Peace Goes to War

Dare to be an Abraham (Part 2)

WHY the Resurrection?

Dare to Be an Abraham (Part 1)

Faith on the Wrong Side of the Jordan 

Isaiah's Christmas

Gaze to the Heavens, Gain Hope on Earth

Hope for All Philippians

Christ's Crucifixion, Our Deliverance

For to Us a Child is Born...Mighty God!  


Stuck in a Shack on the Back 40?

Thanksgiving for Covered Sin!

Divine Wisdom for Violent Times

Easter by Isaiah

Fear:  It's not for the Birds

His name will be called...

Kingdom Thinking in a Thankless World

The LORD is near!

In Honor of David Powlison

The Confirmation Bias (Decision-Making Errors, Part 2)  

The Focusing Bias (Decision-Making Errors, Part 1)

An Odd Christmas Verse  ("...A king whose people are with him.")

Farmer or Curator?  (An Ancient Proverb for Today)

Numbered with the Rebels   (Good Friday, Isaiah 53:12)

Decisions and Destiny  ("I'm building a Cathedral!")

What People want their Leaders to Get ( a.  You don't need to be Moses)

Offering hope and help for a full range of personal, family, and marital problems through counseling, mediation (conciliation), and seminars.


Is there any way I can keep my marriage from falling apart or stagnating? Can I ever be free from my crippling depression and anxiety? How can I break this addiction that chains me? What difference does God's love and power make to my personal and marital problems?

Do you struggle with questions like these? There's hope. God has the answers!


That Is Biblical, Professional, and Christ Centered.



With the Goal of True Peacemaking, Healing of Relationships, and Joyful Resolution of Conflicts.


For Your Church or Organization. For Personal Growth. For Outreach In Your Community.

Biblical Reflections on Topics for Christian Living

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